Promote Us

You can make a difference by getting the word out about South Eastern NC Pagan Pride Day!  Here are some resources that might help you with that:

Images for your Website-

Here are some web-ready graphics you can use as banners or links to our site. 
  1. Download the image listed in the file cabinet below.
  2. Upload it to your website. 
  3. Link the image to our url "". 

We also have a flyer for you to post at your stores as well or where ever you are able! Please help us spread the word and post where ever you can. :) We have two options. One is a regular flyer, and the other option is a pull tab flyer, however, they both look the same minus the pull tab having our site information at the bottom (pull tab coming soon with new website address). It looks like this! (We're in the process of making another one with all of our sponsors on it because without their wonderful contributions, this amazing event wouldn't be able to happen). 

We are working on new flyers. :) 

If you need help with this, feel free to write us or call +1-910-459-4139

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