Soooo, we all know the questions you are asking..... What classes/workshops are there going to be at this amazing event??? Welllllllll... I'd like to officially announce our workshop names and time schedule for our amazing activities this year!!!!!

Working With Land Wights

This workshop will look at interacting with land wights, vaettir, nature spirits, kami, Little Neighbors, anything that can fall under similar terms. Consisting of a practical observation and an intuitive observation with "anchors" from our bunch of Opinionated Dead Guys, and a discussion about ethics, manners, and Doing Your Homework. Participants are invited to contribute to an ongoing UPG experiment with a particular anchor.

Hazel Bost

Hazel Bost is a hodge-podge hedgewitch, your friendly neighborhood necromancer, and a self described shepherd of spirits for a myriad of animals and other Hellish Socialist Dead™. She loves plants more than anyone should, is on first name basis with several trees, and enjoys long crawls through fields to marvel at the bugs.

Noisiu Silverwolf

Noisiu enjoys her time Forever Collecting Dead Things and enjoying their presence and quirkyness. However, keep in mind, the dead are always grumpy so do not wake them! *unless you have offerings or chocolate. :) * In addition to loving things in the afterlife, Noisiu is an advocate of living life as well and often Fosters/Rescues animals and wildlife that are in need. While she is a jack of many trades, she is never settled on one thing and often experiences ADOS (Attention Deficit OoooOOh Shiney) and can often be seen starting another new project just as quickly as one is finished.

Stable Magick

If you are blessed enough to have any time in a stable, you already know that horses have all kind of energy! It is possible to tap into that Horse Power while caring for horses, doing stable chores and by using items available in any barn. This class will briefly introduce horse goddesses and gods, give techniques to strengthen magickal bonds between horse and rider, and give ideas for rituals using horseshoes, horsehair, and bailing twine. *If possible, attendees should bring a small quantity of horsehair from manes or tails along with a few rubber bands.*

Epona Petra

Epona Petra has studied Wicca for over thirty years. She is currently Maiden for the Sojo Circle out of Greenville, North Carolina, and has been on the Leadership Council there for several years. A Sagittarian born on the Feast Day of the Goddess Epona, Epona Petra feels a spiritual connection to horses and finds the stable to be her happy place. 

Interactive Jam Session- Drum Circle Meditation With One Tribe!

Take a journey of musical exploration through traditional and original rhythms. One Tribe : One Heartbeat : One Sound : One Purpose : Unity. Serving up West African and other folkloric rhythms with a dash of original groove. Bring your drums, flow tools and dancing shoes! Loaner drums available for sharing too. Come share the good vibes!