Soooo, we all know the questions you are asking..... What classes/workshops are there going to be at this amazing event??? Welllllllll... I'd like to officially announce our workshop names! Our times are to be determined as we're currently working on a schedule. However, fear not my friends!!!! Delight in knowing that we've gone from 3 workshops to nearly 5! Which is an amazing growth in 5 months to say for a first-year event. I'm rather tickled and can't wait for you all to participate. We're in the process of trying to put our schedule together for you and hope to have it released by the end of June and more information on the classes themselves.

  • Workshop A: Critical Thinking- Hosted by none other Snooze Possum Hamilton

  • Workshop B: Wights Class- Hosted by Hazel and Noisiu with Snooze to make sure we don't mess up (lol)
    • Wights (land spirits)- Aka the Ominously Opinionated dead guys that Snooze always had at Raleigh PPD. 

  • Workshop C: This Magick Land: Witching with Local Plants and Trees- Hosted by Anna Anima Mundi 
    • (Class may be walking down trails on the park- be prepared for fun and a little sweat, may need to bring bags to collect your local herbs and tools to take notes, in addition to bug spray)

  • Workshop D: Magical Poppets Class: Hosted by Toni Sliger 
    • (All items provided) 

  • Workshop E: Pending Surprise New Class in June: Hosted by Mike from WanderingFree Spirit

  • Workshop F: Potential Fun Hands On Musical Class- Will know by end of June. ;) 

We will post bios and more information by the end of the month of June and their schedules as stated above. :) Also, this year, we are not going to have flyers! We've decided that we are going Paperless and going to have signs at the event and have our workshops centrally located so you can easily find them. So, once we have this schedule posted, no changes will be made.