Information to come soon once we start registration and obtain logos & their sites. :) Vendors- Please go to the Vendor Group Page for up to date information on the Event and Set up. PS- Your Vendor Packet is below already (What what WHAT?!?!)! Go ahead and view, just don't send in your waivers until 9/19/2019. Below are a list of our vendors from 2018. We are currently still accepting vendors for our event. :) 10x10 spaces are $50 and 10x5 spaces are only $25! :) If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please let us know! :)
Vendors signed up thus far:

WanderingFree Spirit- Offering readings and service to our event to include a Workshop. 

The Lapis Dragon- A local shop that sells a wonderious supply of things to the pagan community to include special sage bundles, candles, and other things.
Truely Unique
Truely Unique is a small family based store. Even though we may be small, we believe we carry the largest and best-priced assortment of merchandise in this area. We sell herbs, teas, books, soaps, lotions, potions, gifts, stones, we make our own incense and oils, jewelry, candles, statuary, and novelties. We have over 350 herbs in stock.
We support our Local Artist by offering a place to consign and show their wares. In addition to supporting our Community by classes, discussions, involvement in events, and networking with other groups and stores in the North Carolina area. We welcome all to “Come on by and sit a spell” and enjoy some coffee, tea, or other herbal refreshments. Our prices are so great that it is worth the drive to Wilson to see us. Learn from your past, but always look forward to your future. Come in and look around. Join us for free coffee or tea at Truely Unique! and like us on Facebook.

Winkin' Eye Studio
Handcrafted jewelry, wire sculptures, polished and raw semi-precious stones, and miscellaneous handicrafts.

- Handmade jewelry and earrings by Stacy

The Dragon's Hoard & Bewitching Dreams
Bewitching Dreams sells miniature sculptures, zen gardens, monster eye necklaces, garden decor and other clay sculpted items. The Dragon's Hoard sells chainmaille/scalemaille jewelry, bags, hair and fashion accessories, along with leatherworking goods (hair bands, journal covers, fashion accessories).

Bavarian Knotty Knitter
- Handmade knitted and crochet crafts, made with love for children, adults, and even for some fur children. :)

Transcendence Artes
Transcendence Artes combines lustrous creativity with diverse spirituality. My shop ha's evolved over the last 14 years to include practical metaphysical practice with the beauty and uniqueness of artisan craftsmanship.

Iron Clown Studios
Iron Clown Studios is a graphic arts studio created by D.Hirajeta in 2000 to maximize and organize clients interested in quality graphic art, and to market my artwork and publish graphic novels. Whether it's Promotional fliers or CD art +design. Production design or Logo design. Tattoos or anything else Graphic Art. Iron Clown Studios is here to serve and surpass your needs

The Splintersmith hand-carves high-quality wooden swords, knives, and other blades for collectors and costumers alike. Custom or replica, miniature or full-size, painted, stained, or plain! Check out for all your artisan wooden weaponry needs.
Portable Weirdness-
Snoozepossum Hamilton was found under a large rock back in the late 60’s and no one ever bothered to put her back. She’s an annoyingly eclectic OBOD landscaper, hiker, and animal care volunteer who makes odd OOAK things into odder OOAK things, sometimes without having the foggiest clue what said things are till she gets them done. General forecast is for scattered afternoon rocks and fossils, frequent gusts of bone and woodworking and fiber art, and a 98% chance of critters.

Shasta' Treasures
Handmade gemstone healing jewelry and a line of all natural handmade ritual incense. I also sell cast iron cauldron, brass and copper burners as well as other incense burning accessories.

Botanica Solana
Proprietress of online botanica offering materials for your practice or spellcraft will be offering tarot and intuitive readings at Pagan Pride Day! The botanica specializes in Vodou, Santeria, Druid and neopagan witch items. Esoteric educational classes also available. Accessible through Facebook for the moment while new website is being crafted. Orders are currently by request or appointment. 15+ years in the pagan community and counting...

Hallowed Halls Farms
We are a small farm in Pender County NC. What started as a few beehives to honor the Earth has evolved into chickens and goats and pigs and critters of all kinds. Our products are brought to you with love by our companion animals!

HammerSol Jewelry
We use a variety of metalworking techniques to create unique jewelry designs based on Norse mythology, fantasy, and nature. :@hammersoljewelry on instagram  :@hammersol on facebook

Backcreek Ragamuffin- Formally called The Gypsy Wagon, Backcreek Ragamuffin sells a great supply of things. Weird strange eclectic bone leather art, folk herb medicine, and offers tarot readings. Come and check her out.

Treasures of the Coyote Moon LLC- 
One of a kind arts and crafts. You never know what treasures can be found under the Coyote Moon.

The Broomsquire of Dewy Rose-
This amazing vendor has the most beautiful handmade besoms & brooms, walking sticks/staffs. Check them out at: website: and FB:

The Violet Tempest
As an author of Gothic Fiction (horror & romance) Violet Tempest researches paranormal legends that inspire tales containing strange and unusual beings from other realms. Tales to keep you turning page after page and sleeping with the lights on. Her cover artist Lora Marsh from will be on hand to autograph the books and book posters as well. You can follow Violet at,, Instagram - authorviolettempest, Twitter - @violet_gothicau

Enduring Echoes - Echo Aven has been a priestess with the Fellowship of Isis, and the Temple of the Feminine Divine for 20 years.  She is a teacher of the Goddess Path and organizer of The Sacred Earth Grove of Eastern Carolina.  She makes herbal dream pillows, eye pillows, wands, stained glass, jewelry, and other magical items.  She creates her own blends of loose incense from her garden herbs and local wild gathered plants with essential oils and resins added.  She will also have resin incense for sale.
Maiden Minx
Monica Lockard the Maiden Minx is a Hedgewitch, Alchemist, and Photographer based in Wilmington/Rocky Point, North Carolina specializing in Nature-Inspired Handcrafted Mystical Goods, All-Natural Beauty Products, Photography and Home Decor. While on her path of Self-Discovery and Holistic healing she realized that she wanted to help others. Through guidance and inspiration of Mother Nature and the Divine she utilizes her intuition, empathy and universal knowledge to create and provide products to assist people on their own paths to improve and empower their mind, body, and spirit.

Sacred Space of Wilmington
To provide space for individuals seeking a non-denominational spiritual experience where all aspects of spirituality can be explored and questioned. The goal is to provide each individual to believe in their own higher power and self where there are no limitations or ceilings to the experience they are seeking. Individuals will be encouraged to look inside themselves in a safe environment where they will be supported by each other. Individuals will be assisted throughout their journey. Ultimately creating a community where individuals not only support each other but the rest of the outer community for the greater good of humanity.

The Oak and Moon
Here at the Oak and Moon, we put our heads together to coming up with a variety of things to offer you. From handmade incense blends to etched rune sets. Come by and take a look, you never know what hidden treasure you will find.

Turtle Bubbles Candles
100% soy candles., completely handmade, very highly scented. Handmade incense sticks. Hand sewn Holiday table runners

LulaRoe W/ Nadine
- Come and check out some amazing quality clothing that is so comfortable, you won't believe it! I'll have a bunch of different colors and styles, you'll be certain to find something you'll love.

LeftTurn Designs
- One of our own Event Sponsors that have a variety of items that they can print and ideas you can put to life!
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