Information to come soon once we start registration and obtain logos & their sites. :) Vendors- Please go to the Vendor Group Page for up to date information on the Event and Set up.
PS- Your Vendor Packet is below already (What what WHAT?!?!)! Go ahead and view, just don't send in your waivers until 9/19/2019. Here is a list of our vendors currently signed up thus far:

WanderingFree Spirit
- Offering readings and service to our event to include a Workshop. 

The Lapis Dragon- A local shop that sells a wonderious supply of things to the pagan community to include special sage bundles, candles, and other things.

Hippie Happie Boutique
HippieHappieBoutique is here to give you good vibes, spiritual guidance, and love. Handmade necklaces based on the chakras and their powerhouse of energy.

Winkin' Eye Studio
Handcrafted jewelry, wire sculptures, polished and raw semi-precious stones, and miscellaneous handicrafts.

- Handmade jewelry and earrings by Stacy

The Dragon's Hoard & Bewitching Dreams
Bewitching Dreams sells miniature sculptures, zen gardens, monster eye necklaces, garden decor and other clay sculpted items. The Dragon's Hoard sells chainmaille/scalemaille jewelry, bags, hair and fashion accessories, along with leatherworking goods (hair bands, journal covers, fashion accessories).

Bavarian Knotty Knitter
- Handmade knitted and crochet crafts, made with love for children, adults, and even for some fur children. :)

Cosmic Panda
 Hand-knit and crochet everything from stuffed animals to baby items, washcloths, hats. Send me a message if you have a custom order!

Shay's Custom Creations
Do you need a gift for somebody? All these pieces are custom made & most are my own designs. Some are pieces I saw & replicated with some modifications, not to be exact duplicates. Any of these can be made in your choice of colors & lengths: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets, naked foot sandals, and anything else I can come up with.

Premium handmade woodcrafts, including unique wands, wooden swords and knives, and wooden pens and pencils. Available for custom work, as well, or just come hang out and talk!

The Pixie Cupboard-
The Pixie Cupboard is an arts and crafts emporium, owned and operated by, The Muse, Andrea Lamb. Andrea is a writer dancer and artist. Instagram @virgomuse38

Shasta' Treasures
Handmade gemstone healing jewelry and a line of all natural handmade ritual incense. I also sell cast iron cauldron, brass and copper burners as well as other incense burning accessories.

Beehive Yourself NC- Local beekeepers with local, raw flavored honey and goods!

Moroswen's Emporium
Moroswen's Emporium is a custom sewing boutique featuring handmade bags & pouches, accessories, and machine embroidery. @moroswensemporium on Instagram

HammerSol Jewelry
We use a variety of metalworking techniques to create unique jewelry designs based on Norse mythology, fantasy, and nature. :@hammersoljewelry on instagram  :@hammersol on facebook

Echo of Earth Handmade

Echo of Earth Handmade
- Echo of Earth is a one-woman-run small business based out of Cary, NC. All of my items are inspired by nature and handcrafted in small batches, including soaps, bath salts, sugar, scrubs, candles.
I will also be partnering with Curse Doll Creations for this event. She creates artisan tea blends. |

Curse Doll Creations
Rooted in fantasy, mythology, and folklore, Curse Doll Creations has been  making hand blended tea and unique art for over a decade! They make themed loose leaf teas, illustrations, and offer tarot and oracle readings. |

Treasures of the Coyote Moon LLC- 
One of a kind arts and crafts. You never know what treasures can be found under the Coyote Moon.

Jackartlope was started in August of 2018 in and around sometime during Hurricane Florence. After becoming addicted (thanks to my 8 year old daughter) to doll customizing videos on YouTube, I decided to try it myself and found that not only did I love doing it, I also had a talent for it! I completed my first doll in September, and from there it progressed into what it is today. I also offer realistic black and white drawings of people, animals, or even abstract concepts for a nominal fee. Everything I offer is hand made by me, unless otherwise stated.

Maiden Minx
Monica Lockard the Maiden Minx is a Hedgewitch, Alchemist, and Photographer based in Wilmington/Rocky Point, North Carolina specializing in Nature-Inspired Handcrafted Mystical Goods, All-Natural Beauty Products, Photography and Home Decor. While on her path of Self-Discovery and Holistic healing she realized that she wanted to help others. Through guidance and inspiration of Mother Nature and the Divine she utilizes her intuition, empathy and universal knowledge to create and provide products to assist people on their own paths to improve and empower their mind, body, and spirit.

Sacred Space of Wilmington
To provide space for individuals seeking a non-denominational spiritual experience where all aspects of spirituality can be explored and questioned. The goal is to provide each individual to believe in their own higher power and self where there are no limitations or ceilings to the experience they are seeking. Individuals will be encouraged to look inside themselves in a safe environment where they will be supported by each other. Individuals will be assisted throughout their journey. Ultimately creating a community where individuals not only support each other but the rest of the outer community for the greater good of humanity.

The Oak and Moon
Here at the Oak and Moon, we put our heads together to coming up with a variety of things to offer you. From handmade incense blends to etched rune sets. Come by and take a look, you never know what hidden treasure you will find.

Charming Bear Gifts
Charming Bear Gifts is a small home-based business that travels to different festivals through South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. We have a variety of unique items and some can be customized just for you.

Creations from the Hallow - We are a husband and wife team of Pagans and practicing witches. We began making our hand molded candles in 2007 and selling them in a friend's metaphysical shop. Since then our line of products has grown and changed greatly and we moved to Etsy. All of our products are items that we make and use ourselves before deciding to share with our community.
We are currently changing out many of our items packaging in an attempt to be more Earth-friendly, we’re ditching the plastic where it is possible! All of our shipping material is biodegradable. It is our passion to honor our community and nature as we craft our magick.

Star of Eden - All items in my shop were handmade by me from sheet silver and/or wire.
I have been working with silver for over 20 years and love to create custom things that have meaning for the new owner. I love to work with natural cabochon gemstones and hope that I can make something for you.

Legion of LARP Group- We are a group of friends that takes pride in introducing new people to the hobby of LARPing while fostering a strong sense of community. We enjoy hosting and supporting events that allow us to share our perspective on the hobby. We also organize group attendance to LARP events, renaissance festivals and pagan festivals. The above is a closed group but it should be publicly viewable. We will have a new public facebook page very soon.

Vintage Wax Candles- Established in 2018, Vintage Wax Candles sells premium 100% soy candles with room-filling scents in vintage glassware. I sell my candles at markets and events in the Fayetteville area, as well as taking commissions from across the country. I am a pagan and for this event I will be creating a range of candles poured with intent and dedicated to various deities and energies that I work with.

Wyrd Armouries- Cynthia Cynthia and Nathaniel create handmade one of a kind ritual tools from natural materials such as bone, wood, horn, and leather. We also carry a selection of herbs, crystals, candles and books. Our handmade goods can be found online at (Feel free to grab a logo or image from our site as works best for you.)

Randir- Dagorhir is a nation-wide foam-fighting sport that brings together a tough physical combat game with fantasy elements. Here in Eastern North Carolina, where many fighters are Marines that come and go, we have chosen to name our Dagorhir realm Randir, or “wanderer” in Tolkien’s Elvish.
Visit our Jacksonville Facebook group or Wilmington Facebook group for the latest on our practices and events. Check out the Dagorhir calendar for other event info.

White Hart Creations- White Hart Creations specializes in clay, hand-made, one-of-a-kind fantasy creatures. We also make wedding cake toppers and specialty wine glasses. Affordable Whimsy: This was the joke made in regards to the first generation of unicorns and dragons. Since then, we've striven to keep that phrase true; keeping our creatures at a reasonable range so that anyone can bring a little magic home with them. Our goal is to make cute creatures and bring smiles wherever they go. Every one of the creatures is unique, one-of-a-kind, and we always want to keep it that way. We never know what kind of personality they are going to have until they come out of the oven; each has its own head tilt, or body posture, that makes them an individual. We owe most of our inspiration to our furry and scaley family members, who make us smile every day.
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