Tentative Event Schedule

This is the tentative event schedule at this time. The times could change slightly between now and September 30th, 2018, however, the order of events are now set and you can start planning your day for PPD. HAZAH! :)   

10:00 am - Opening Ceremony

10:30 am - 11:45 am: First Set of Workshops -

  •     Workshop Tent A- Critical Thinking With Snooze Possum Hamilton
  •     Workshop Tent B- Magical Animal Totems with Mike from WanderingFree Spirit
  •     Workshop Tent C- The Magick Land with Anna Anima Mundi

12:00 pm - Ritual

12:45 pm - Storm the Castle

1:00 pm/130 - 1st Raffle

1:30 pm - 2:45 pm - Second Set of Workshops

  •    Workshop Tent A- Wights with Hazel and Snooze Possum Hamilton
  •    Workshop Tent B- Magical Poppetts with Rowan
  •    Workshop at Stage area- One Tribe hosting Participatory Drum Circle

2:45 pm - Try to take over the world

3:30 pm/430 - 2nd Raffle

4:45 pm - Closing Ritual

5:00 pm - Event Close

Stage time pending for musical and artistic talents on separate schedule for stage.