This year, South Eastern NC Pagan Pride Day is hosting their event close to one of the most celebrated Sabbats of the year, Samhain (or Halloween). In honor of this, we are planning on hosting a Samhain Ritual. With the gathering of local groups, kindreds, covens, and groves, one representative from each of these groups will be helping in being a crucial part of this ritual in addition to gathering the local community to help participate as well. We want one and all to be able to join in and have fun witnessing the turning of the wheel and changing of the year. Join and be apart of something greater than themselves, to be one with each other, the wights, their ancestors, kin, friends, and familiars. Grab your Wheelbarrow and Holocaust Cloaks and witness the first of what we hope to be many rituals hosted by South Eastern NC Pagan Pride Day on October 27, 2018.