March 13th 2018

posted Mar 13, 2018, 2:47 PM by Sam Barnett

We'd like to officially welcome the Lapis Dragon as our Event Sponsor for South Eastern NC Pagan Pride Day!!!! Thank you Lapis Dragon for your sponsorship and partnering with us for our event. We are excited to see all of the fun we'll have!  Some wonderful news, we were approved through google non-profits for some cool things and we have an ad and are in the process of generating our domain and suites over to a non-profit for my co-coordinators to have their personalized emails through the org correct, and our youtube set up for future collages and videos. We're still working on donations and sponsors but we've started getting stuff here and there for the event. Hope you guys are still ready to sign up for booths because we're still accepting everyone!!!! We're still awaiting information for some updates potentially about the event, but we should know by Friday next week. :) Also, We're still gathering for sponsors and donations for the event. If you would like to donate any items to our wonderful event such as a bullhorn, foldable tables, gift cards to Walmart or Sam's Club, Staples, etc., let us know! We will write you a tax donation receipt letter so that you can use it on your taxes as we are officially a chapter and gen under the Pagan Pride Project Charity and Non-profit. 

If you donate, we'll give you a special shout-out on our Website, if you would like your name listed, business, or you can remain anonymous. If you donate more than a $100, remember you automatically become an advertising sponsor for the event with gets you your vendor booth for FREE!!!!!! (What!! :) )

We are excited to get this thing going and we're getting closer every day. We're actually already in the process of starting to put together next years event so that we can formulate the skeleton for annual fun! Which is one of the things we are waiting to hear about for Friday. :) So, keep your fingers crossed, and we'll have some updates to come soon. In addition to wish lists for Onslow County Animal Services and Possumwood Acres. :)

Thank you again, everyone! We truly appreciate your support and look forward to seeing your feedback.

Sam Barnett
Chapter President and LC of
South Eastern NC PPD
Jacksonville Chapter of the 
Pagan Pride Project, Org.

Sam Barnett

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