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Information to come soon once we start registration and get everyone's information! :) Coven leaders- Go to SENCPPD vendors for updated information about event pertaining to your set up and such. PS- Your Vendor Packet is below already (What what WHAT?!?!)! Go ahead and view, just don't send in your waivers until 9/27/2018. 

For Covens, Groups, Kindreds, etc., Please do me a favor and go ahead and register as we're ready to accept your portion already! - Sellers, this may mean we will be able to move up your date sooner too!, We'll let you know.. :) I will start collecting your information and putting you on the website with your logo's ASAP! Please Click the link below. Your vendor packet is on the website at the bottom of the page as a file

Please email me your Logo's. (southeasternncppd@gmail.com)


DO NOT EMAIL THE WAIVERS YET! Please wait until 9/27/2018 to start sending in the waivers for each person who will be helping you in your information booth.

Groups Attending SENC's PPD:

Coven Le Corbeau NoirCoven Le Corbeau Noir is a very open-minded and eclectic group of Pagans located in Eastern North Carolina. We have members with a wide variety of beliefs from Wiccans to Shaman, Cabalists to Asatru. As such we are always learning new things about each other, ourselves, and the Pagan community. So, if you're looking for a place to feel at home, a group of like-minded people who will accept you for who you are, and a place to learn about all things magickal... look no further. Welcome home.


Muscadine Kindred
 Established in 2003, Muscadine is an Independent Heathen kindred local to eastern North Carolina.


Sleipnir's Saddle- A Raleigh NC based Heathen/Asatru centric pagan group that runs monthly Rune Study, season Blots, and occasional workshops.


Wayward Witches
We are an eclectic group of Pagans who come together to celebrate the turning of the Wheel and the God/dess in all their glory. All we ask is for you to bring an open mind, respect, and tolerance for beliefs that are not your own. We have weekly meetings, activities, classes and/or workshops, along with group trips to Pagan Pride Day, Metaphysical Stores and anything else we may find helpful in our Journey. We also celebrate open Sabbats on a regular basis. We hope that this becomes an inviting and loving place for all!

Twin Star Hearth- 
Our Mission: “To create a family of brothers and sisters, who walk many different paths, with whom we can all share our knowledge and wisdom to create one shared body of knowledge.”


Jorvik / The Asatru Community, Inc (TAC)
Dennis Oglesby is the North Carolina Ambassador for The Asatru Community, Inc. (TAC). TAC is a 501(c) 3 Non-Profit Organization dedicated to bringing Heathenry into the modern age through both online and local community growth. His calling to the Old Gods and Ways came at an early age from the stories he heard from his Father about the ways of his Ancestors. In the military, he traveled to Scandinavia which rekindled his connection to his Ancestors and the Old Gods and has been a practicing Asatrau since 2012. www.theasatrucommunity.org


Circle of the Rambling Rose
Triskele Rose teachings are heavily influenced by Traditional Witchcraft, Modern Witchcraft, Western Mystery, Oracular Spirit work, and Folk Magic. We are a blend of many different teachings that are tried and proven to work. We are Polytheistic focus predominantly on the Welsh, Brythonic, Greek, and Roman pantheons as well as the Avalon Mysteries, but this doesn't mean we are not open to other teachings and paths. We have students that are able to study with us, but stay true to their personal paths (which is highly encouraged).


Cuveen Of The Black Goat
The Cuveen of the Black Goat practices non-Wiccan, traditional witchcraft & American folkloric witchcraft, with charms, customs, and spirits of the New World as well as the Old; with an emphasis on developing our skills in operative sorcery as individuals and as a group. Our Guides & Companions in this adventure are the Antlered Goddess, Lady Elen-of-the-Ways; the Black Goat, Baphomet; our friends Serpent, Crow, Toad, and Rabbit; sundry other spirits; and, as always, the Ancestors.


The Onslow County Animal Services
 is the commu
nity animal shelter operated by Onslow County Government that receives all lost, stray, abandoned and surrendered animals from the community. We work in partnership with fosters, volunteers, and local rescues, to treat and rehome thousands of homeless animals every year. Won't you help us to increase the number of animals that we can save? Please consider joining one of our programs and help these animals find their forever homes.

Possumwood Acres Wildlife Sanctuary
will be here with animals available for education and be collecting goods for the many animals in need either through their own center or through their various foster/rehabilitation/release programs! 

Possumwood Acres Wildlife Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose goal is to rehabilitate wild animals and release them back into their native populations. Much of the wildlife that arrives at the sanctuary is the result a direct conflict with humans; such as being hit by cars, attacked by cats/dogs, or being taken away from their parents by well-meaning, but unknowing humans.


Possumwood Acres Wildlife Sanctuary specializes in the rehabilitation, care, and treatment of small mammals, songbirds, waterfowl, raptors, shorebirds, and reptiles.

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