Local Groups

Groups and information booths that are attending SENC's PPD 2019:

Coven Le Corbeau NoirCoven Le Corbeau Noir is a very open-minded and eclectic group of Pagans located in Eastern North Carolina. We have members with a wide variety of beliefs from Wiccans to Shaman, Cabalists to Asatru. As such we are always learning new things about each other, ourselves, and the Pagan community. So, if you're looking for a place to feel at home, a group of like-minded people who will accept you for who you are, and a place to learn about all things magickal... look no further. Welcome home.


Sleipnir's Saddle- A Raleigh NC based Heathen/Asatru centric pagan group that runs monthly Rune Study, season Blots, and occasional workshops.

Twin Star Hearth- 
Our Mission: “To create a family of brothers and sisters, who walk many different paths, with whom we can all share our knowledge and wisdom to create one shared body of knowledge.”


The Asatru Community, Inc (TAC)
We are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Asatru organization dedicated to furthering the place of Heathen in the world of today. Read our Mission Statement to find out more. And find out all the information you would like from our website, here: http://www.theasatrucommunity.org/#!about/cnec Want to learn more about TAC? Join our group!: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thenewasatrucommunity/. www.theasatrucommunity.org


Circle of the Rambling Rose
Triskele Rose teachings are heavily influenced by Traditional Witchcraft, Modern Witchcraft, Western Mystery, Oracular Spirit work, and Folk Magic. We are a blend of many different teachings that are tried and proven to work. We are Polytheistic focus predominantly on the Welsh, Brythonic, Greek, and Roman pantheons as well as the Avalon Mysteries, but this doesn't mean we are not open to other teachings and paths. We have students that are able to study with us, but stay true to their personal paths (which is highly encouraged).


Hoddmimis Holt Kindred The goal of Hoddmímis holt Kindred is to offer a safe and friendly atmosphere to study and learn the Ásatrú faith. Through kinship we will give back to communities so that we will flourish. "from them, generations will spring"


Peace and Serenity Birthing Services
There is nothing more incredible than witnessing not only a life entering this world but also watching laboring person “own” their body. I offer you unwavering and experienced encouragement, support, guidance and education throughout your pregnancy, birth & postpartum.
Having a solid support system surrounding you during pregnancy, labor & birth and postpartum is so important for achieving a positive birth experience. The more support and education you have the more ideal the birth experience. I have been a Birth Doula for over 10 years and a Postpartum Doula for over 5 years. I am a trained DONA International Birth Doula, a Lamaze trained Childbirth Educator, am an Ecstatic Birth Practitioner and am certified in Rebozo and Bengkung Belly Binding. I am here to help you achieve as close to your idea birth experience as I possibly can.


Jaded Paws Rescue & Pantry- JPR is a 501c3 non-profit organization that works around the clock to give "Pit Bulls" another chance at a happily ever after. Each and every dog taken in gets spayed or neutered, and are given any necessary medical treatment. However, even though we are a Bully Breed Rescue, we do not turn other animals away if we have the room and funds to take them on. We work patiently to re-acclimatize fearful dogs to the loving care of a human so that they may eventually be adopted. In some cases, these dogs have never had a kind word or touch, and it is a slow process. After determining temperaments and compatibility factors, we begin that long search for the perfect home. Until those perfect homes are found, our guys remain in foster homes through out the state. They are not in shelter type environments, as we do not see it as a good tool for their rehabilitation process, instead, they stay in loving foster homes until the day they get adopted.

At their Pantry- As a rescue organization, the number of people calling us on a daily basis can sometimes get overwhelming. We've heard every excuse in the book as to why these families need, or want to give up their pets. However, more and more often the reason being, "I've lost my job, and cannot afford to feed my pet" or "I've come into medical bills for myself, and cannot afford to feed my pet(s)" So we came up with a great idea! Its time that we start giving back to the same community, that for years has been helping us, by helping feed those in need. Through donated goods, and funds we can help our community stay full and happy.  If you need help feeding your pets, please consider applying for help before giving them up to a shelter. 

The Pet Food Pantry provides free pet food, for up to 4 months, to pet owners in Onslow County who cannot afford to feed their pets. This will keep pets fed while the owner finds additional ways to feed their pets. Pet owners can apply again in six months, if their circumstances have not changed. Don't forget to check out their events, workshops, and where they'll be at next on their Facebook page! :) 
https://www.facebook.com/JPRfoodpantry/    & https://www.facebook.com/SavingCrittersThroughArt/


Cape Fear Parrot SanctuaryCape Fear Parrot Sanctuary is a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides a forever home for parrots in need of medical treatment, healthy food, and proper care for the duration of their natural lives and is located near Beulaville, NC. Who we are: The Cape Fear Parrot Sanctuary was founded in 2013 by Ces Erdman, a Wilmington native, and bird lover. With his first hand-raised cockatiel at age three, he developed an affinity for birds of the parrot family. His parents encouraged his interest and he helped them with a “bird sitting” business until he left home for college.

In 2006, Erdman returned to Wilmington and resumed his hobby of caring for birds. He organized other bird owners and created the Cape Fear Bird Club (renamed in 2011 as the Cape Fear Parrot Club). Several hundred bird lovers from southeastern North Carolina have participated in meetings, trade shows and educational activities sponsored or organized by the Club. Today the club has a mailing list of over 200 individuals.

Author- Sophia Cancelli- 
Pirates for Parrots storytelling and book signing at South Eastern Pagan Pride Festival October 19. Visit the story's very own sea witch in her lair for tales of pirates and parrots. This event will include trick or treating, so beware! The sea witch will hand out pirate treasure as treats as long as no tricks are played on her. :) All proceeds from book sales go directly to Cape Fear Parrot Sanctuary. A little about Pirates for Parrots: A chapter book for young readers that serves as a fundraising tool for Cape Fear Parrot Sanctuary, is the perfect Talk Like a Pirate Day gift. Pirates for Parrots contains a glossary, so this book is guaranteed to make readers smarter by increasing their vocabularies! Available for purchase on Amazon with 100% of sales directly benefiting Cape Fear Parrot Sanctuary, a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides a forever home for parrots in need.

She has also recently helped create another book called- Mermaids and Macaws which is available on Amazon as well, if you don't want to wait to purchase at PPD. Just don't forget to bring it with you to have her sign it. ;)

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