We have lots of great entertainment this year, both on the main stage and around the festival. Listen to live music, watch belly dancing, See the løveli lakes The wøndërful telephøne system And mäni interesting furry animals, hooping and so much more! We are very excited about the huge variety of acts and performances planned for the event.

So read highlights about some of the performances below (information to come soon!), then make sure to check the schedule so you don't miss your favorites!

We are now accepting registrations for entertainers! :) Please go to this form! Entertainers, please register by August 31st 2018. :)

I will start collecting your information and putting you on the website with your logo's ASAP!

Please message me your Logo's. :)

DO NOT EMAIL THE WAIVERS YET! Please wait until 9/27/2018 to start sending in the waivers for each person who will be helping you in your information booth.

Sponsors- Please inbox us so we can get you square away with your booth as you get yours for free!!!!!! :) We can't process payments less than $1.00 through square, unfortunately, so we came up with a different plan. LOL. However, if you would still like to donate to us, please go to our go fund me found on our webpage (www.sencppd.org). We always looking for sponsors and donations and we'd love to be able to include you in our media and such.

We've just partnered with the Pagan Business Network, so you know we're going to go crazy with promoting here soon.

Thanks, everyone,

Sam Barnett,
LC and Chapter Pres of
South Easter NC PPD
Jacksonville Chapter of
Pagan Pride Project, Org.